Your Soul Is Patiently Waiting . . .

By Guru Simran Khalsa

Our Culture Today

Listen to the conversations around you. What do you hear? Complaining, judging, criticizing and gossiping (that last one is always a favorite). Our minds are filled with silly distractions that keep us occupied on the surface of life where it’s safe and familiar. We relax at night by staring at violence or dramas as we mindlessly chew. We hop from holiday to holiday to celebrate, to shop, to gather so we can feel some sort of happiness or connection to our family, our community and our life.

We don’t want to hear the silence that lies just beneath the chatter of our minds. We’d rather stay comfortably numb and fill our lives with routines and habits that keep us feeling safe and secure.

Yet we know deep inside that we’ve hitched our wagon to a path that’s been beaten down with fear, laziness and regret. Have you ever noticed that old people usually talk about the past with nostalgia or regret? Unless there is a golden nugget of wisdom they wish to share with you for the purpose of inspiration and growth, it feels like a veil of sadness in which they’re inviting you under for company. Misery loves company.

In The Beginning

It is in our early years that we formed our beliefs about ourselves and life. We were born innocent and it was the responsibility of our parents or caregivers to serve and help us grow in our own purity. As children we were all given our very own special sunglasses prescribed by the adults in our life to experience the world in all its wondrous curiosity.

Unfortunately, most of these sunglasses obscured our own light and instead made us feel ugly or bad. My sunglasses showed me that I was in the way, inconsequential and stupid. I was never honored as part of God and therefore I did not know how to honor my little self.

When I was in my late teens in the late sixties, I found that drugs and music were excellent numbing tools to keep my insecurities tucked neatly behind the mask that I showed the world. I carried shame and anger into my relationships resulting in a net of fantasies and lies.

It took another 10 years for pain to finally bring me to my knees where I was willing to look at myself (scary as it was) and start peeling away at the façade I created. My life was like a tiny boat upon the sea, getting tossed here and there, and I was blaming the waves for my sorrow.

Breaking Free

I started my journey into self discovery with Primal Scream which was popular in the late 70’s. I had no idea what I was getting into but John Lennon sang about it so I figured if it was good enough for him I’m in. Well it was pretty rough but at the end of 7 days, I had cracked just a tiny bit. But it was enough to realize how much I had disassociated myself from my pain.

I began to read whatever I could find on metaphysics and personal growth. There wasn’t a lot out there, not like today, but there was enough where I started to read about different spiritual teachers and their teachings. I began to look for a teacher that could help me discover the Truth. Well two years later I was still searching. So one day out of frustration and a little desperation, I decided to chant ‘God send me my teacher now’ over and over again for about 6 or 7 hours.

Two weeks later I found myself in front of Yogi Bhajan, doing a very unique meditation. After class I felt altered, somehow different. My interest was piqued, so I decided to try a Kundalini Yoga class the following week. I left that class with an energy I couldn’t describe. I knew this was it – like love at first sight, when you just know you are going to spend the rest of your life with that person.

The year was 1980

As I started practicing the Science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation daily, I couldn’t believe how fast I felt I was changing. Yet there was still so much clearing I had to go through. I had no idea how stuck I was in my games of smoke and mirrors or how my self-animosity chained me down choking my essence. And there was a certain comfort, a familiarity living in my own shadow, safe from the light of expansion and participation that still had a hold on me. Truly by the Grace of God I was given the strength to keep up and keep moving forward. My journey into self awareness was painful, exhilarating, frustrating and satisfying (and I’m still on it).

I saw how my self-sabotaging behaviors kept me from having to be dependable and trustworthy. I’m off the hook. Safe. Invisible.

I found out how my negative self-talk cancelled out all the good that was around me.I learned how my inner anger was manifested through depression, anxiety, isolation, abusive relationships or avoiding responsibilities.I studied how generational imprinting can be passed from one generation to another -- where behaviors and beliefs become a game of relay.I practiced powerful breathing techniques that released memories from my subconscious mind with its many layers of emotions and traumatized thinking.

I experienced how daily meditation gave me a strong intuition (no longer was I the tiny boat upon the rough sea without a rudder. )And I began to forgive myself and others (especially my mother) as my heart and consciousness started to slowly open.

Over the years of teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, I have seen how this technology can release us from the past and move us into our Light. We can reassess our beliefs and decide to replace them with more affirming ones. Getting beyond the root cause – the familial imprinting of faulty beliefs can be life transforming.

Re-patterning for living healthy and happy

When we begin to recognize and honor the soul within all and its link to infinity, we begin to live consciously and wisdom, peace and purpose guide our way. We no longer see ourselves as a victim of life’s randomness but rather of being gifted by the amazing journey that life offers.

As I continued with my practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, I became more steady, dependable and self-reliant. Self-trust and self-love became my new companions. I felt my Inner Light shinning outward like a lighthouse wanting to serve, to connect and to uplift.

I believe this is our true purpose in life. To turn our Inner Light on and serve.

If you serve others without your own Inner Light turned on, it will be murky with emotions, agendas and egos. Have you ever met someone who talks all the time about love and how big their heart is blah, blah, blah, but then their ego gets triggered and, wow, they show another side of their ‘love’. This is all part of becoming self aware. Real Love is not conditional and cannot be triggered.

Your Inner Divine Light is your true guide. We all have access to this Divine Light and it’s our job to nurture our Original Self through a spiritual practice so we can be a pure channel in whatever we do or say.

In this Light we live in our natural state. The ‘hu’ in human means light and it comes before man. So we are the Light and in this Light we have a body.

Your soul is patiently waiting

Have you ever watched a child unwrap a present? What does she do to the wrapping paper? Rips it apart right? How much value did she put on the beautiful paper? Well we are like a present too. Only we get stuck thinking our wrapping paper is our real value. And we spend millions of dollars proving it.

Let us take this precious jewel that is sitting inside of each of us into our arms, and with bowed heads let us touch its sweetness, setting free our 30 trillion cells to dance in Divine Love.

How to do meditation for energy

1. Sit with spine straight in a chair or cross-legged. Palms are together at the heart center in Prayer Pose (as if you were praying) with thumbs pressed against the sternum. Eyes are closed and focused between the eyebrows.

2. Inhale through the nose in 4 equal parts (like sniffs.) Exhale in 4 equal parts. On each of the exhale sniffs, powerfully pull in the navel point.

Practice for 3 – 5 minutes.

3. To end, inhale deeply, and press palms together with maximum force for 10 seconds. Then exhale. Repeat 2 more times.

This meditation helps to overcome anxiety and commotions of the mind through conscious breathing. It connects us with our inner selves and allows us to experience a power greater than ourselves. This will positively affect our state of mind!

A guru's look at how the soul develops

Guru Simran Khalsa's passion is helping women peel away beliefs that hold them back and help them tap into their true power so they can live the life they were born to live.

She applies her extensive knowledge of meditation along with her coaching skills to offer a unique and powerful experience in connecting with their authentic inner being. Contact for further info:


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