What is the Newest Paradigm in Health? Activating your Body vs. Supplementing

By Barbara Drtina

Become a Biohacker!

Welcome to learning how Activating your body is the New Paradigm in health and why you need to be a Biohacker of Your Body. What is a Biohacker? A Biohacker is someone who takes control of their own biology, in order to achieve a desired outcome ~ like Health

In today's world, we are being hijacked by the environment, the medical industry and outdated solutions for fixing our health problems. Supplementation is no longer the long range answer for aging and our overall general health. The answer is, Activation and not Supplementation. You most likely won't be hearing this from your doctors or on TV. Some information is coming out through the supplementation companies.

We are being hijacked in ways you might not even realize. The air we breathe, the foods we eat, the EMT's we are being exposed to, the increase in U V Radiation, the many side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and the high stress levels we are living in today. This all causes Free Radical damage which Oxidative Stress.

What are Free Radicals"? and What is Oxidative Stress?

Our body is under constant attack from Oxidative Stress & Free Radical Damage. Oxidative stress occurs when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons, which are called free radicals. ... Electrons like to be in pairs, so these atoms, called free radicals, scavenge the body to seek out other electrons so they can become a pair. This causes damage to cells, proteins and DNA. (May 27, 2016)

Free radical damage has been linked to many health issues. Many Scientists believe free radicals to be the primary cause of human aging.

How free radicals are created in the human body.

Our bodies are a miracle. They are a fine tuned healing machines. We are always moving towards healing We now we have a way to "Flip the Switch" to turn our slowing down body processes back on. Exciting isn't it?

Description of how oxidative stress affects areas of the body.


Did you know that NOT all antioxidants are the same?

The first level of antioxidants you see here are Secondary Antioxidants. These are the ones that you consume through supplements, foods or intravenously. The next group of antioxidants are your Primary Antioxidants. These are the ones that your body makes! When you are young, your body makes them all day long allowing you to heal quickly.

There are 3 major Primary Antioxidants:  SOD, Catalase and Glutathione.

There are 3 major Primary Antioxidants: SOD, Catalase and Glutathione. These are Phase 2 detoxification enzymes.

These are the most important enzymes in the body for detoxification of the cells and cell regeneration. Unfortunately as we get older our bodies are not producing them as much as when we were younger.

Old Science:

We take antioxidants to do the clean up of our cells, but they are just not powerful enough to do the job. They are direct antioxidants which means they neutralize free radicals at a 1:1 ratio - 1 Free Radical to 1 Antioxidant, like a blueberry. We can't eat enough to make a difference. Unfortunately, we have 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Free Radicals a day in our body! What does eliminating "1" do?? It's like putting out a house fire with a dixie cup of water.

Just like pagers were a good solution until we had cell phones. Now we know that "activating " our bodies is better than supplementing our bodies

New Science :

Looking at your DNA and your genetic code and seeing how that can be upregulated and to turn back on those primary antioxidants. . Did you know there is a product out there that can activate our body to neutralize 1 MILLION Free Radicals every second 24 hours a day? It is backed by Peer Reviewed Science on the National Institute of Health's Medical Library.

Did you know that we can have access to this tool? Our tax dollars pay for it and more importantly, this is where doctors go for Peer Reviewed Studies. The web address is: Now there are 218,903 studies on Oxidative Stress. Contact me if you would like more information on Protandim.

Nrf2 is an extraordinary therapeutic approach to reduce oxidative stress.

You might have been hearing the term Epigenetics. This is where we are heading. Most of the $$ Money $$ being spent are from companies like Google and other genetically based companies. It is the Biggest Economic Trend in History. Google's #1 investment is how to extend life. (there is now a Natural Product proven to extend life..ask me).

Research is trending on how we can change the expression of the genes to turn back on those very useful enzymes that are naturally occurring in the body. These enzymes want to be turned on, but the pathways get broken down because the cellular communication is not working properly. This is often do to all the gunk/debris that is accumulating in our cells.

Health and wellness is the biggest trending industry.

We can now activate the cellular protein pathways to reduce inflammation in the body, we can keep the telomere's tips from shortening and aging and we can slow down aging. This is HUGE. This is all done through the changing the expression of your genes and your genetic code. All this is done through Epigenetics and changing the epigenetic pathways by activation. This is now available with Plant based and Naturally occurring compounds. I would be happy to tell you more.

Watch for more on The 3 Theories of Aging, which are:

1- Reducing Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress

2- Mitochondrial Biogensis and Repair

3- Activating Sirtuins "Longetivity Genes" and N A D

For more info or to find where to order the best Nrf2 Activation Products go to:

Barbara Drtina represents Lifevantage (NASDAQ/LFVN), a science based company dedicated to helping you stay on top of the aging & diseasing process. She also facilitates releasing limiting beliefs and traumas through Intuitive & Creative Resources.


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