How To Invest in Cannabis Stocks [SEMINAR VIDEOS]

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

For weeks -- no, months -- I've been listening to holistic health practitioners, providers, and consumers talk about hemp, cannabis, and CBD oils, tinctures, and lotions. You name it, I've heard people give testimony to how the use of a cannabis/hemp-related product has reduced pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression and a slew of other ailments.

And I've also heard those same people talking about cannabis from a different perspective: I keep hearing them ask, "How to invest in cannabis stocks?"

In our holistic health world of healing we often don't have the knowledge held in the financial world -- about our holistic world.

How to invest in cannabis stocks
Simple plant, or complex investment?


Definitely one of the hottest trends in holistic health in 2019, cannabis' application in the holistic health mix isn't purely and only related to CBD oil products or medical marijuana.

A comprehensive approach to holistic health includes more than just keeping the body and mind healthy; it also has to do with keeping healthy those elements (i.e. finances) that support the body and mind.

What would it look like to connect one of the hottest trends in the holistic health industry with the health of your finances...?

I wanted to know, so I turned to my favorite investing expert (full disclaimer here!), my brother, Bret, who's got almost three decades of experience as a money manager, two of those decades spent as part of the top-grossing team at a handful of NYC brokerage firms before he moved to Jupiter, FL, and opened his own firm.


For the past several months at family gatherings or our brother/sister dinners Bret has been sharing with me his professional cannabis investing perspective as a principal of Rosenthal Capital Management. Bret had been researching cannabis stocks for a long time and finally began investing on behalf of clients last summer. (More about why he chose that timing in the video below.)

"Bret," I finally said." The holistic health community has so many questions about how to invest in cannabis stocks. Would you mind spending some time answering them?"

how to invest in cannabis stocks in canada
Bret Rosenthal explains cannabis/hemp sectors.

What's a baby brother to do? Of course, Bret agreed.

In the middle of April, Holistic Health Connections (HHC) hosted, How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks, as a free seminar open to the public at the Public Library, Palm Beach Gardens branch.

On April 16th at 6pm the Main Room at the front of the library filled with HHC members and the general public who wanted to learn about how to choose cannabis stocks for investing.

HHC hosted this free community event as part of our Holistic Health Community Outreach program to bridge the Knowledge Gap in holistic health and also to bridge the gap between providers and consumers.


In the video below you'll have access to all of Bret's insights, assessments, and advice. To sum it up, in this intimate "Conversation and Q+A" he gave a terrific overview to set the scene....

Once in a decade you'll discover the beginning of an investing supercycle:

  1. In the 90s it was the internet boom.

  2. In the early 2000s it was genetics mapping.

  3. And now, 2018 ushered in the dawn of the supercyle for cannabis.

And then, Bret followed up with:

  • the importance of cannabis as a generational investment trend

  • a complete perspective of the cannabis-hemp industry

  • which stocks are most important to follow to participate in this supercycle opportunity.

After the presentation Bret stayed for another hour answering questions from the audience.

The event was so well-received we've already scheduled a follow-up on Tuesday, June 18th, 6pm, Public Library, Palm Beach Gardens branch.


In case you couldn't attend the original How to Invest in Cannabis Stocks event, we've uploaded a video of Bret's entire 60-minute presentation for you to watch here.

Have questions after you view the cannabis investing video? Leave a note in the comments! We're collecting questions about how to invest in cannabis stocks for our June event.

Part One....

Part Two....

Recorded on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, this follow up session builds and expands on the previous session with market updates plus deeper analysis and information.


Bret Rosenthal began his career in the late 1980’s in New York City with Lehman Brothers and moved on to Prudential Securities/Wachovia where The Rosenthal Group managed one of the most successful private client businesses in the country at all three firms. His professional history has been chronicled in R.J. Shook’s book, The Winner’s Circle while his stock trading approach was highlighted in Steve Cawiezell’s book, Expert Trading Systems: Successful Traders Share Their Secrets. A principal of Rosenthal Capital Management, a boutique firm for high-net worth individuals, Bret now lives in Jupiter, FL, with his wife and two children.