How to Improve Your Brain Health

The month of June is Alzheimer and Brain Awareness month, but all year round it's important to ask yourself if you are doing your best at taking care of the health of your brain.

What, exactly, does taking care of your brain health look like? Or, more importantly, what is brain health?

The Cleveland Clinic states that there is six pillars of brain health:

  1. physical exercise

  2. food and nutrition

  3. medical health

  4. sleep and relaxation

  5. mental fitness

  6. social interaction

These six pillars directly impact your brain and can reduce your risk of cognitive decline.

Three of our holistic health experts have weighed in on the topic of brain health and Alzheimer's, and have offered easy solutions for those who want to explore the topic further.

Dr. Campeau


Yes, with Neuroplasticity. This is the most important discovery of the last decade. In the 20th century, scientists believed that we were born with a certain number of neurons and that with age, we were losing hundreds of them each day.

We now know that the brain can regenerate, produce new neurons until the age of at least 90, and that new connections are possible and instrumental for recovery from a trauma, an infection or a chronic inflammatory process.

Scientists are also insisting that neurons are not the only partakers in brain processes. Other support cells are crucial to the transmission of signals from one part of the brain to another. This is done mostly by spreading the frequency signals in waveform, a little like radio waves that are broadcast in the whole brain and beyond.

We are now starting to understand the brain processes in terms of transmission of information through frequencies. At the quantum level, the field of information surrounding the brain is what governs the biological processes.

Brain health has many determinants: chemical, electrical and informational.

In this article, I would like to present solutions to brain impairment at the bio-field level, at the root cause level where the brain processes initiate. Before an issue shows up at the physical or mental level, it begins in the energetic bio-field.

When we see the brain as a frequency broadcaster and receiver, we understand the importance of harmonizing our brain frequencies. And, there is now software that can do exactly that. Bio-Acoustic is the art of harmonizing your frequencies by analyzing the frequencies of your voice.

Neurotransmitters, brain structures, brain chemicals all have a specific frequency that can be out of balance. Being able to balance those dis-harmonic frequencies is key to brain health. Noise-cancelling technology operates under this same model: it cancels frequencies that are too high. Those new frequency-balancing software's tone down the frequencies that are too high and amplify those that are too low, thus balancing and harmonizing your brain energy field.

How it works: the software analyses a sample of your voice and compares it to several energetic signatures in your brain, mind and bio-field. It detects which frequencies are out-of-tune. After analyzing your frequencies, the App generates a soundbite for you to listen for a few minutes, which interacts with your own frequencies and harmonize them.

Your brain might need an energetic tune up to prevent problems and to bring balance back in your brain activities. Would you like to try that?

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Avigail Berg-Panitz


“We still don’t fully understand what causes Alzheimer’s disease, but scientists are zeroing in on the answers. This is one of the most exciting – and most important – areas of research, because understanding the causes should lead to more targeted treatments and ways to prevent the disease.”

Scientists generally agree that there is unlikely to be a single clear "cause" of Alzheimer’s. It is more likely the result of a combination of interrelated factors, including genetic factors, which are passed along family lines of inheritance, and environmental influences, which range from previous head trauma to educational level to one’s experiences early in life. Each of these "risk factors" is currently the subject of a great deal of research. A growing body of research is also helping to identify various "lifestyle factors," such as dietary habits, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which may influence one’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Avigail Berg-Panitz –, MA in Holistic Health, wellness expert and the owner of TheSoundWell provides preventive lifestyle tips and creating a sensory and SilentSoundSpace environment to increase life quality which may slow the symptoms of Alzheimer's:

1. Healthy food to nourish body and brain cells - 37.2 trillion

2. Body movement and exercise

3. Good quality of sleep

4. Effective ways to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily

5. Ways to express oneself in creative ways

6. Having positive physical ecosystem environment for an individual member and whole home/nursing public spaces

7. Having a positive social, friendly and love relationship atmosphere

8. Having intriguing atmosphere for self- evolvement

Caregivers may find Vibroacoustic Therapy SilentSoundSpace as a beneficial component to increase life quality and may slow down symptoms:

What is Vibroacoustic Therapy?

Olav Skille the inventor of Vibroacoustic Therapy (Norway/Finland) found a correlation between specific low sound frequencies and reduction of pain and stress in different parts of the body. In Addition other frequencies effective to reduce insomnia and anxiety. Skille created special mats and pillows and trained Avigail Berg-Panitz to implement his know-how.

When most people think of their health, the brain is not the first thing we think to take care of. We can make sure to exercise the brain by eating healthy and keeping an active lifestyle. Be sure to use this month to think about how you can improve the health of your brain today.

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