Communication With The Dead…Really?!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

By Michele Robin

We are all essentially spiritual beings having a human experience. When our bodies have done their job, our spirit is released and continues to live on at a different vibration of energy; this is what some would call heaven. In essence, there is no real death and communication is indeed possible.

Signs That Spirit Surrounds You

If you are looking for signs that those in spirit are trying to get your attention you may notice that they will influence birds, butterflies, dragon flies, lady bugs etc.. to grab your focus and stay in your space for a bit. You may even come across pennies. Yes, pennies from heaven! They may bring your awareness to coins or other objects of significance in your path to let you know that they are with you.

Spirit most commonly will play with electricity and electronics. You may see lights turn on or off, wifi may get wacky and I have even seen a TV turn on.

“Why Can’t I Communicate With Those In Spirit?”

The truth is that you can and many people do. People have felt the presence of a loved one

who has passed and while they can’t explain how, they know who it is and what they are feeling.

By going to an experienced medium you can receive more clear and accurate communication that often provides us with the information we need to help heal and to receive the evidence we need in order to know that they are okay and well.

Most people who experience the loss of a person in their lives go through many stages of grief. During these stages it may be hard to feel your loved one. Everything and everyone is made of energy. When we are grieving that energy is very strong and it may prevent us from perceiving the gentle energy of those in spirit who are trying to comfort us. The energy that they use to communicate with us is on the vibration of love.

Michele Robin was born with the ability to communicate with those who have passed on to spirit. As an adult she has refined her abilities in evidential mediumship by attending classes with some of the America's finest mediumship tutors. She has also attended the prestigious Arthur Findley College For Psychic Sciences in England. Reverence and integrity is of utmost importance to Michele and she feels blessed to be a facilitator of the loving messages that come to those on earth from those in spirit. Join her for "An Evening With Spirit" on Thursday, October 24th.