Expand Your Holistic Business Through Collaboration

Updated: May 20, 2019

So many holistic health professionals work alone in a small practice that keeps them isolated from the larger community. How to build a successful holistic practice, however, means getting known in and by the community you serve. Networking locally is one way, but that can be slow and tedious and often doesn't allow people to really see what you have to offer.

Instead, collaborating online can help you reach more potential holistic health clients faster and simultaneously get known for your skills, expertise, knowledge and valuable resources and insights.

As a matter of fact, collaborating online with a group of like-minded practitioners who share your values and perspective -- and can help you reach exactly the kind of client you love to serve -- can support your growth exponentially while also allowing you to stay working in the office rather than run from event to event with your business card.


Combining the clout of many practitioners, the HHC List-Building Campaign is a holistic client growth mechanism for both members of HHC and also non-member practitioners and businesses. By collectively engaging in an email campaign aimed to reach 10,000+ consumers, this project will help all participants expand reach, increase exposure, and engage a new audience by adding value to how consumers access what they need.

Conceptualized and spearheaded by HHC Charter Member (and Whole Heart Life Coach, Expressive Arts Groups, and Speaker ), Paula Holland De Long, the first deadline for this initiative is quickly approaching.


The best way to build rapport with online audiences is to offer value. You want potential clients to learn to know, like, and trust you. A quick and easy way to do this is to offer educational information that solves their most pressing problem(s). For all of your holistic business growth marketing processes, start from the space of offering free value in the form of some aspect of how you resolve what keeps them up at night.

The core component of this holistic list-building campaign is your Free Gift offer.

The deadline for submission of this information is Monday May 13th. No exceptions.

Reach out to Paula at with questions.

Follow these five steps to participate in the program:

1. Choose or create your must-have Free Gift Offer.

This offer will be most valuable if it solves a problem or challenge (for your target audience) and provides a taste or showcases what you do best. The offer must be deliverable via link online (white paper, video, tips and tools sheet, how to, etc.). It cannot be a discount or a free service.

2. Create your Free Gift headline and a 60 to 80-word offer description.

Your headline should clearly state with the recipient will receive. Here are a few examples:

  • Top 10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

  • Kitchen Clean-Out Guide with a 7-Day Meal Plan

  • 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Stop Stress in 60 Seconds or Less

  • Clean Life for Business 5-Step Detox Guide

Include concise details about the specific, unique benefits of your offer in the blurb. Keep it simple and direct. Avoid clichés and over used words. Speak the language of your audience.

3. Pick your head shot for posting on the web page with your offer. Should be a low resolution jpeg file.

4. Get ready for people to sign up on your email list. Create an opt-in email list sign up form in your email program.

This where interested people click GET IT NOW, then fill in their information to sign up for your mail list. This will have its own hyperlink that will be used on the HCC page that hosts the list-building campaign.

5. Upload your Free Gift and create the hyperlink people will use to download it.

The free gift can be (i.e. a video, audio, ebook) hosted on YouTube, DropBox, your site, a cloud upload, or whatever works best for you. 

6. Set up the delivery method of the Free Gift Offer link to those who sign up.

Typically, delivery is via an email tied to the Opt In List Sign Up you created. It will automatically send the link for your Free Gift offer to those who sign up so that they can download it.

7. Once you have all of the creative content and technology done, complete the submission form for the campaign.

Once you receive approval, you'll be forwarded a link to process the participation fee ($50, HHC Members; $75, Non-Members).

To learn more, watch this video by Paula....