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Experience the energy of 140+ members dedicated to collaboration, conversation, and community on the quest to raise awareness for natural alternatives to health, wellness, and well-being. 

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As holistic health practitioners and consumers we often work in and live in isolating environments that lack the sense of community a conventional structure so easily provides.

Get the best of both worlds: The congruence of a holistic mindset combined with the connection to a larger organization that brings together a diverse community of like-minded souls.

Grow your business.


If you work in the holistic realm raising your professional visibility, extending your reach, and being known for what you do helps improve your bottom line and position you for long-term success in the holistic arena.

In conversation and community your creative business, marketing, and networking skills uplevel to a place of increased success.

Make a difference.


Through community outreach programs like health fairs, holistic health experiences help introduce and educate others about options for healthy living.

Your participation (as a professional provider or passionate volunteer) in spreading the word about what holistic health is all about helps increase the energy around the trending rise of holistic health in general while adding to the positive experiences of those who meet with and benefit from the specific work our community represents.

Give yourself the gift of belonging.

Join the mission to unify the holistic health community and expand the good we can do in the world together


You walk into the HHC Monthly meeting and are immediately enveloped in the heart-centered energy of 65+ like-minded professionals and consumers who believe in, understand, and support what you do.

You attend the HHC Members-Only Monthly Social and spend time getting to know your colleagues and community.

You participate in  HHC community outreach programs so that you become an active part of our local holistic crowd.

All of this (and so much more) is available when you become a Holistic Health Connections member.


HHC Membership

Includes the following benefits:

Complimentary admission to monthly meetings and socials

Members only pricing, advance-access and admission to courses, classes, workshops, retreats and other gatherings

Inclusion in online directory

Spotlight opportunities as HHC Monthly Meeting


HHC-exclusive discounts on local business resources




(Integrative Therapist)

I loved getting to be in the energy field of like-minded holistic healthcare practitioners. I loved the clear, concise and intentional format. I loved the time keeping being adhered to. I loved getting to listen to the presentations of the three practitioners. I loved the breakout groups and getting the opportunity to get to know other practitioners a little more. I enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends and making some new ones.



I thought the meeting was awesome, focused, informative, empowering & encouraging. I look forward to fully participating with our growth programs.


I loved being in this wonderful group of highly evolved people who are committed to building community where we all thrive and are empowered.


(Physical Trainer)

I am happy to be part of this group! I think it is something that I've been wanting (and waiting for) for a long time. ​

I've been to a few meetings and have met some other members... It is nice to belong to a tribe of like-minded people!

Since joining, I've already used the services of some of the members. All have been good experiences! ​I'm definitely in the right place!!!


(Tantra Healer)


It was a fabulous meeting! So wonderful to be in a space of such delicious radiant energy!

I was so captivated I didn’t want to leave until the end of the announcements. My family was at home waiting to take me out to dinner. I am so happy to be part of this group and will continue to come more often.


(Retreat Facilitator)

It is such an honor to be counted in this group of real life game changers! Every meeting and event elevates and inspires each of us to serve in the best way to help make our world a better place.


(EFT Coach)


Such a great meeting last night and terrific energy and enthusiasm.


Thank you to the Leadership Team for all your hard work!


(Clinical Hypnotist)

This was a great meeting. The energy was uplifting and motivating.


Thanks to all the people that spearheaded this great organization. True leadership and planning.


(Vibroacoustic Therapist)


Thank you Michele & team for amazing energies and atmosphere.


Best-selling and award-nominated author, inspirational speaker, syndicated podcaster, seminar/workshop leader, and Trauma Recovery Specialist, Michele Rosenthal uses holistic modalities to lead clients, families, groups, and audiences through a gentle and effective process of releasing fear, guilt, shame, grief, anger, sadness and loss. 


Leader of a large survivor community, Michele's certifications include Certified Professional Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She maintains a private practice at the Mindbody Wellness Center in Jupiter, Florida, and is frequently seen in the media in such places as CBS, NBC, The Palm Beach Post, Orlando Sentinel, The Washington Post, Newsday, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal and The Dennis Miller Show.

In her previous New York City life, Michele worked in public relations and marketing for a variety of industries, including entertainment, theater, publishing, finance, and education. A former playwright/director and Editor-In-Chief of a theater magazine, Michele holds a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry.


Holistic Health Connections is a  membership-based organization committed to promoting experiential education and collaboration that unifies the holistic health community in Palm Beach County.

Ready to stop feeling alone and start feeling connected to a like-minded community?


Where you are in your life and career, plus your personal and professional goals, affects what you're looking for when considering joining an organization. We understand that -- and want you to join in a way that feels comfortable, supportive, and just right for what matters to you. 

Whether you are exploring how to live a holistic lifestyle, preparing to launch a business, actively building a career, or already (semi-)retired, HHC membership is offered in two convenient payment formats so that you can customize your experience and make the most efficient use of your resources.

Every holistic health impulse and modality counts -- all holistic health consumers and  professionals welcome!



All sales final. Refunds due to double payment will be issued minus a service charge.

Memberships may be transferred on a case-by-case basis.


(covers one member)



(automatic monthly payment)

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