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Welcome to the tribe.

HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal

Schedule your 1:1 with Michele

Part of the Membership Onboarding Process includes a 1:1 meeting with Michele Rosenthal, Founder of the professional, membership-based organization, Holistic Health Connections.


The purpose of this meeting is to expand the co-creative aspect of HHC, and to onboard your membership so that you receive all the benefits you're seeking as a member of the tribe.


What matters to you?


The more we understand your priorities and focus the more we can collaborate at deeper and more meaningful levels.

In this meeting you'll discuss:

1. Your business: what you do, how you do it, and what you want to achieve in your business growth and development

2. Your HHC experience: how to get the most out of membership, plus what makes membership a meaningful experience for you.

This meeting can be experienced in person, by phone, or via Zoom/Skype. When signing up, please choose the option that best suits your schedule. Look for the "HHC 1:1" options on the scheduler.

Michele's office is located in the Wellness Center at:

425 Greenwich Cir #107, Jupiter, FL 33458


With three decades of experience in PR and marketing -- plus multiple successful ventures as a serial entrepreneur -- Michele has unique insights about how to develop, launch, market and grow a profitable business.

Due to the requests of several members, Michele now offers business and marketing coaching at a discounted rate for all HHC members. To learn more schedule a "Colleague Conversation" on the scheduler.

Your new happy place.

HHC Members have a good time together and in relationship with HHC benefits. For example, here's the feeling after a monthly meeting....

To read more happiness quotes, check out our HAPPINESS page

Want to be featured on the HHC web site testimonial page? Send your photo and text, or audio, or video comments to: HHCInternPBC@gmail.com


Join like-minded professionals on a mission to serve the holistic health community in Palm Beach County -- and beyond.

Imagine what it's like to be in a room with 60+ other holistic souls who believe, want, work toward, and hold a holistic vision similar to your own.

Come connect, communicate, network, collaborate, develop, and plan community outreach programs, business development, and social interactions.


Location: 179 Freeport Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458


4th Wednesday

HHC Charter, Basic, and Premium members, this is your night to come hang with the tribe just for fun!

No business, all pleasure in this gathering to eat, drink, chat, and connect in ways that allow you to really get to know your HHC sisters and brothers.

[This is a MEMBERS ONLY event, please refrain from bringing outside guests. Instead, invite them to our next HHC Monthly Meeting.]

Location: The Cooper Restaurant: 4610 PGA Blvd.


2nd Thursday

Share your HHC passion!

Download an HHC logo (cilck on either of the camera icons, then right-click the image you see and save to your computer) and add to your web site, social media, and other materials to show your professional affiliation.


Sign up for HHC member programs, including those available to all levels of membership: our Barter Bank, Practitioner Directory, Member Discount.

Available to all members.

Available to all members.

Available to all members.

Available to all members.

Support Your Self-Care




For Charter/Premium members only.

For Charter/Premium members only.

Sign up for The ELEVATE Series:


Presented by HHC, hosted by Kula Yoga Shala, this event series intends to elevate awareness, community, collaboration, conversation, education, and connection.

(This opportunity is available to Charter and Premium members only.)


Do you want to teach, train, lead a workshop, or offer a seminar? ELEVATE is an event series designed to promote HHC members to the local community.

What happens in this series is....

You get paid to speak so that the time you spend sharing your wisdom rewards you financially.

You get to make an offer to event participants so that those who are interested in your short program have the opportunity to roll into a longer relationship with you.

Kula offers marketing, sales support, event space, and staffing so that you can just focus on creating a rockin' event.

HHC offers marketing, event development, graphic design, and public relations support so that your event benefits from a high level of attention.

You get exposed to the combined reach of both the Kula and HHC communities.

Your visibility increases via our marketing efforts in the world outside of Kula and HHC. 

Program Details

Minimum number of attendees: 10

Maximum number of attendees: Presenter's choice (up to 50)

Length of time : 1 day, 2 hours

Ticket price: $50


Financial remuneration:

You, Kula and HHC split the net after administrative expenses 50/40/10. 


Marketing program:

After your event is approved you are responsible for writing a full event description and marketing copy (HHC provides a template) and actively helping to market your workshop (HHC provides a checklist).

Kula and HHC marketing support and exposure include:

  • Websites

  • distribution of flyers

  • social media platforms

  • email marketing

  • graphic design for flyer and social media graphic

Requirements: You must have the following elements to qualify for this series....

  1. working website that can be updated with event information

  2. social media presence on at least two (2) platforms

  3. email list with a minimum of 100 recipients

Ready to get known, get noticed, and sell a new audience into your future program(s)? 


  • Title & description 

  • Length of program

  • Professional credentials

  • Max # of participants

Familiarize yourself with the HHC Code of Conduct

Take the HHC Survey (please)

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Part of the HHC mission is making sure you’re able to earn a great living while building a productive and profitable business -- in alignment with your personal, professional, and spiritual values. 

One step in the direction of helping you do that is partnering with Thrive Academy, a husband-and-wife driven business that has taught over 50,000 holistic coaches and holistic practitioners how to confidently attract clients.

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Questions, comments, or issues?

Share your thoughts! Email Michele any time....