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Which definition most applies to you?


of meaningful connection

The HHC Monthly Meeting is unlike any (professional) meeting you've ever attended.

Forget about sitting passively and listening to a speaker for 30 - 60 minutes.

Let go of your Elevator Speech.

Say good-bye to having business cards randomly stuffed into your palm.

Say hello to meaningful conversations, inspiring experiences, and real opportunities to share your passion for holistic health.

Designed around our three core themes, HHC Monthly Meetings always include elements that allow you to:


  • collaborate -- plenty of time to get to know your colleagues and community while creating meaningful relationships that lead to supportive partnerships and healing opportunities

  • educate -- short presentations that expand your knowledge about holistic health and healing modalities

  • elevate -- intentional activities to raise our collective energy and vibration in all areas related to holistic health

And then, of course, you need to....


HHC Monthly Meetings are designed to let you interact, experience, and connect with your tribe.

Every HHC Monthly Meeting includes these experiences...

opening meditation

Led by a different HHC member every month, we start the meeting by gathering our energy.


Three members each have 6 minutes to creatively share their passion for their professional work.


Structured time for meaningful conversation or experiential activity in small groups.

closing intention

Led by a different HHC member every month, we end the meeting by focusing our energy.


Do you want to feel inspired by others on the holistic path, connect with like-minded professionals, or learn how to expand how you serve?

Are you tired of attending networking meetings that feel like extended sales pitches rather than opportunities for real connection?

Have you reached that moment when you know that to simultaneously evolve your business and your soul you need a community of colleagues to stimulate ideas, inspire innovation, and offer heart-centered support?



Do you want to meet like-minded neighbors passionate about holistic health and learn about options for living a holistic lifestyle?

Are you tired of looking for local holistic events and professionals and having a hard time finding them -- or knowing who to choose ?

Have you reached that moment when you know that to create the holistic network and resources you desire you need a community of neighbors to share ideas, answer questions, and offer heart-centered support?

Then you definitely need to experience the magic by attending the next HHC Monthly Meeting: 

Always the fourth (4th) Wednesday of the month, 6pm

(excluding December)


The Island at Abacoa Clubhouse 

179 Freeport Drive, Jupiter, FL, 33458

(RSVP below)

Non-members are invited to attend one (1) complimentary monthly meeting.


If the vibe feels good to you (and we know it will -- even our introvert members attend the meetings!) then the next step is to explore options for membership and included benefits. 

Of course, you may love the meeting and not yet feel ready for a full-on membership. In that case, after the first complimentary meeting we invite you to join the tribe on your own terms. Attend any monthly meeting for just a $15 donation to the cause of unifying the holistic health community.

Holistic Health Connections is a membership organization of holistic health providers and consumers serving and living a holistic lifestyle in Palm Beach County (actually, we have members in Martin and Broward counties, too) on a mission to unite the holistic health community through awareness, education, and service.

Want to join the mission? Attend our next meeting....

RSVP for your first experience, or easily process your paid registration prior to the meeting.

Need to purchase admission?

All sales final. Registration may be transferred upon request.

Want to host an event?

If you have a venue you'd like to suggest, or if you'd like to open your office for a meeting, contact:

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Hours: Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm 

425 Greenwich Cir #107, Jupiter, FL 33458 | 561.531.1405

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