Learn how your personality type manifests in your wellness and well-ageing.

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Sunday, November 3, 2019

1 - 5pm

Kula Yoga Shala

400 Toney Penna Dr., Suite F, Jupiter, FL 33458


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Join executive consultant, coach, trainer, and lifelong student of well-ageing practices, Mary Jansen, for a 1/2-day workshop full of "a-ha" moments designed to help you become skilled at recognizing and owning positive (strengths) and negative (underdeveloped) behaviors so that you can make conscious choices as to personal behaviors (instead of unconscious, knee-jerk reactions) and create a plan for managing your health and well-ageing process that is in alignment with your personality preferences as they are expressed in your very unique personality type.

This workshop is for you if you are

seriously interested in ageing well,
want to understand why previous efforts at changing habits have failed, and wish to develop

a personalized plan that helps you succeed.

Wellness concerns all domains of life; so does personality type.

Do you know how to use that knowledge?

Your personality type predisposes you to prefer certain ways of dealing with yourself and others on both internal and external levels. When you don't understand those preferences you can experience extreme frustration, miscommunication, and missed opportunities for health, wellness, and well-ageing. A blindness to your own personality preferences can especially thwart success when you attempt to change habits related to how you care for aspects of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.


But don't worry. There's a powerful fix for all of that.

Our physical wellness can benefit greatly from seeing our behaviors and thoughts from type perspective -- and then taking responsibility for knowing and developing our blind spots, plus taking best advantage of our better developed & honed natural preferences.

The brain and how one thinks are critical to one's wellness. 

-- Mary Jansen

While all people share personality preference types with others, no two people share the same personality.


Every personality is unique, which means one-size-fits all solutions are fallacies. Understanding your preferences will give you the strategic leverage to create a well-aging plan that works for you (and only you!).

Success doesn't come from outside sources.

Now, here's the good news: The source of your wellness and well-ageing is 100% internal. Knowledge of yourself and your personality type practically creates a blueprint for success.

If you have become frustrated with your failed attempts at making wellness and well-ageing changes (including physical, mental and spiritual activity, nutrition and restoration), or are tired of feeling like you are failing to balance work and homelife, the key may be in developing an approach that is more aligned with your personality.



Mary explains...
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Habits can’t be broken by fighting who you are – only by embracing yourself - lovingly, with humor.

-- Mary Jansen

Type provides the clues to understanding our strengths and owning our blind spots from which unfolds a natural plan for change that releases frustration and anxiety and welcomes challenges as fun and funny.

The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI®) is a self-report inventory designed to identify a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. The questionnaire was developed by Isabel Briggs-Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs based on their work with Carl Jung's theory of personality types.

In the YOUR MBTI® WELLNESS TYPE workshop, MBTI® expert, Mary Jansen, leads you through personal discovery and validation of your type preferences, creating the space for access and release of your inherent energy for being your best self.


Get ready for a powerful afternoon that will help you find real hope in your quest for well-aging habits that work.

Through this fun and interactive workshop (that includes your own personal MBTI® assessment), Mary Jansen leads you through her unique 4-step process for creating insights that open your mind to new possibilities for well-ageing, plus the ultimate change in how you create healthy outcomes that stick.


Learn personality type preferences to create a foundation for self-development


Understand type opposites to recognize potential blind spots; apply your own MBTI® results for self-identification


Experience exercises designed to reveal how your own personality type manifests in your life


Identify new possibilities for wellness, through personal action and accountability, plus  1-3 takeaway actions



When you register for the workshop you will be provided a link (via email) to a private, secure website where you will verify your type preferences through a question and answer process.


Questions will explore how type influences everything you do – how you think and feel about self and others, what motivates you, how your type best leads, influences and interacts with others, and how your type can be leveraged to gain ever higher levels of fulfillment, balance and holistic wellness.


Private feedback from this questionnaire will be provided at the workshop, facilitating the experiential validation of your true type.


... and take your complimentary Myers Briggs Type Indicator test before the workshop so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts in the workshop.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test Deadline: OCTOBER 31


[Note: All sales are final. Registration transfers may be made on a case-by-case basis.]

claim control over your 


In just one 4-hour workshop it is entirely possible for you to...

joyfully start seeing yourself (and others) differently

create goals that are aligned with your personal values (rather than externally set standards)

identify real opportunity for real change

fully embrace yourself and others

incorporate fun and laughter in your well-ageing process

step into a healthy feeling of inspiration and possibility

end anxiety around who you “should” be

happily take responsibility for owning the changes you wish to achieve



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Corporate Strategist, Executive Individual & Team Leadership Coach, Mary is also a Health & Wellness Coach, Health Promotion Strategy Consultant & Exercise Physiologist. She has 25 years’ experience as a C-level Coach and Strategy Consultant to Fortune-100 and Multi-nationals, and 12 years as an MBTI® Practitioner.


Mary's university credentials include: BA, Economics, M.S., Exercise Science. Formal certifications include American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist, Wellcoaches Coach, Center for Applications of Psychological Type MBTI® Practitioner, Center for Creative Leadership Executive Consultant, Academy for Brain Health, and Functional Ageing Institute Specialist, among others.

Wellness and well-ageing are personal for Mary.  She learned the hard way, what it takes to get healthy, stay well and thrive! Thirty years of business travel – often on the road 48 weeks of the year – takes its toll on body, mind and spirit. Living in hotels for months at a time, eating restaurant & street food, strange (or no) locker rooms or fitness centers, an endless stream of airports, taxis, subways, & trains, made serenity and wellness pretty hard to come by. Necessity spawned creativity. Now, Mary is a lifelong student of well-living and well-ageing practices.

Continuing to study Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Ageing, and Meditation today, Mary combines decades of personal experience with the latest scientific research to create personalized programs so that clients successfully reach the wellness outcomes they seek.


workshop you will understand that you are uniquely qualified to create a wellness path that is perfect for you -– not for the person the media insists you ought to be but who you truly are.


End the frustration of broken resolutions, failed goal-attainment, and failed strategies of sacrifice and denial.


Activate appreciation for your own unique potential and gifts.

Implement an achievable and sensible plan for who you are and for the lifestyle you lead.


Embrace a new kind of self-care process, one driven by hope and alignment. 


Find deep satisfaction for accomplishing your well-ageing goals with joy instead of guilt, and wake each day knowing that you can effortlessly create more of those outcomes again and again and again.


... and take your complimentary Myers Briggs Type Indicator test before the workshop so that you know exactly where to focus your efforts in the workshop.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator Test  deadline: OCTOBER 31


[Note: All sales are final. Registration transfers may be made on a case-by-case basis.]

For questions and more information contact:

Michele Rosenthal

Holistic Health Connections, Founder