If you like our mission to unite the professional holistic health community, then you'll love being an HHC member!


Whether you want to connect with like-minded neighbors and providers, uplevel your business development skills, find synergistic partnerships, offer workshops and seminars, or gain exposure through our community-based initiatives, we offer many meaningful ways for you to connect and collaborate with other alternative health industry lifestyle advocates and professionals.

Anyone seeking to belong to a fast growing holistic community that caters to personal, business and spiritual development, then this is the community you must join. Founder, Michele Rosenthal, is phenomenal as a leader within this group. The programs and incentives for the members are well thought out and we are seeing an organized and influential collective community growing organically.


-- Charter Member, Karina Felix


Is HHC right for you?

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In unifying the holistic health community we're looking for professionals and laypeople who combine their passion for education, knowledge and service with a serious focus on doing good in the world while growing successful businesses.


Does any of that sound like you?

Take a look at the HHC member benefits to assess if this organization will deliver the value, purpose, and ROI that mean the most to you.


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Five (5) individual scholarships will be awarded annually based on merit. Prospective members must be in business for less than one (1) year and reflect values, passion and vision in alignment with the core values of Holistic Health Connections. Recipients will be chosen based on application, interview and voting process conducted by the Leadership Team. Scholarship recipients must offer a minimum of ten (10) volunteer hours to Holistic Health Connections.