Our newest video debuted at the HR PBC conference in June.
Video footage from other HHC events, including meetings, seminars, and health fairs.


Member presentations are a part of every gathering.

Videos courtesy of HHC Charter Member, Bruce Starr. brucestarrproductions.com

HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal, introduces Lourdes Starshower, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Tantra Healer & Educator, Clairvoyant Energy Healer, Ordained Minister, DVD Author, Tantra Practitioner Certification Provider

HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal, introduces Jamie Gonzalez, owner of The Salt Suite

HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal, introduces Edward Dolezal, founder of Universal Qi Gong and Tai Chi Institute LLC and the founder of the Holisitic and Metaphsical Expo of the Palm Beaches LLC. 

HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal, introduces Jessaca Clark, founder of Healthier Confident You, a CBD oil distributor company.


HHC offers free community education programs.


HHC Founder, Michele Rosenthal, introduces Bret Rosenthal, a financial advisor with 30+ years of investing experience and a specialist in the cannabis investing space.


HHC offers free community experiential programs.


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