HHC members are so happy with their experience they love to share what makes HHC such a meaningful and special energy.

Here's what it's like to be on the inside....

Sue Neering,

Integrative Therapist

I loved getting to be in the energy field of like-minded holistic healthcare practitioners. I loved the clear, concise and intentional format. I loved the time keeping being adhered to. I loved getting to listen to the presentations of the three practitioners. I loved the breakout groups and getting the opportunity to get to know other practitioners a little more. I enjoyed reconnecting with some old friends and making some new ones.

The time has come for this community to have a platform and a voice. (Many Voices)

I appreciate you and your vision. And I honor you for starting the group.

Carole Lynn Grant,

Intuitive Coach

I thought the meeting was awesome, focused, informative, empowering & encouraging. I look forward to fully participating with our growth programs.


I loved being in this wonderful group of highly evolved people who are committed to building community where we all thrive and are empowered.


" I got your back," was a comfy feeling that surrounded me. 

Great job leadership team for helping us all to fulfill our passions as career experts and entrepreneurs. 

Viveca Park, 

Personal Trainer

I am happy to be part of this group! I think it is something that I've been wanting (and waiting for) for a long time. I'm thankful to Michele Rosenthal & Jamie Seldner Gonzalez for creating it.

I've been to a few meetings and have met some other members, but looking forward to meeting so many more! It is nice to belong to a tribe of like-minded people!

Since joining, I've already used the services of some of the members. All have been good experiences!

I'm definitely in the right place!!!

Sherry Hardt,

EFT Coach

Such a great meeting last night and terrific energy and enthusiasm.


Thank you to the Leadership Team for all your hard work!

Marsha Hochman,

Clinical Hypnosis

This was a great meeting. The energy was uplifting and motivating.


Thanks to all the people that spearheaded this great organization. True leadership and planning.

Avigail Berg-Panitz,

 Vibroacoustic Therapist

Thank you Michele & team for amazing energies and atmosphere.

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