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Bianca Silveira Truesdell


Reiki Master III, Energy Healer, Chakra Balancer

I am passionate about the connection between the body, mind and soul for achieving optimal health. A practitioner and believer in the power of a healing touch, I offer my clients energy healing and chakra balancing sessions. My goal is to assist people with learning and listening to their bodies, to heal and to find balance.

I am currently in massage school and offering complementary practice massage sessions until I graduate and get licensed in December. Call or text me for a session!

Love, Light & Healing,




Mateja Petje



Holistic Psychotherapist, Stress Management Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Energy Healer, Published Author

My ideal clients are adults who had experienced childhood abuse, trauma, challenging relationships, depression, and anxiety and it still affects their life; which is now known as Complex PTSD. I also equip my clients with top behavioral techniques to manage stress and daily challenges. My motto is "From victimhood to reclaiming your Authentic Self." I provide a safe healing place for my clients to share their concerns.

I offer a free 15 min phone consultation to ensure that we are a good match. You can reserve your spot here:



Paula S Begel


Physical Therapy

Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Educator

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1996. After working as a PTA for 4 years, I found myself doing most of the massage for the Physical Therapists. My patients felt better so I enrolled in massage school. My other experiences include martial arts, personal trainer and aerobics instructor. My current focus is massage and aromatherapy. My passion is education on safe essential oils use. I am a CE provider for NCBTMB, FLA and NYS LMT'S. I teach ethical
sourcing, sustainability and safe and appropriate dilutions. My classes can be attended by anyone using essential oils.



Long Life Massage Therapy PLLC & Aromatherapy

Blanca Nieto

Doctor of Naturopathy

Alternative Therapies

ZYTO and EVOX Specialist

My goal is to provide the tools that will help balance the body using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body with a holistic approach. With ZYTO technology using the body's natural energetic field, bio-communication provides insights into health and wellness specific to your needs, we can identify what is stressing the body, and what brings it into balance. Vitamins, supplements, and services will be shown in the report prioritizing what the body needs. EVOX, ZYTO technology can help us identify the emotional blockages and assist the emotional aspects to help the body get into balance





Christi Buck

Functional/Holistic Registered & Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner


Root Cause, GI Issues, Natural Weight loss,

Christi Buck is a Functional and Holistic Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and a Certified Leap Therapist as well as a lifelong resident of Florida. She specializes Functional Nutrition, getting to the root cause of non-optimal health, GI issues, Natural and effective weight loss programs, as well as personally designed wellness programs, and more. She doesn't believe in a one-size fits all approach or taking away favorite foods. She practices natural solutions for optimal health. 30-Minute Discovery calls offered at no charge at



Nancy Zifer

Energy Healing

Intuitive Coach/Healer

As the founder of Pure Source Ascension I’m an empathic, clairvoyant reader and healer who started my journey learning palm reading, pendulum, tarot cards, reiki, jin shin jyutsu, body talk, etc. Many years ago, during a weekend course, I noticed I saw deceased love ones without attempting to see them. After many years of working with amazing healers, I have been advised and led to help others using my gifts of clairvoyance, empathic and healing abilities to intuitively counsel and shift individuals into a more peaceful state.



Brooke Sternberg, CLC, RMT

Birthing From Within Mentor, Birth Doula, and Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula


Holistic Birth & Postpartum Support

The modern woman today is much more self-aware of her intrinsic value and power and is looking for a well-rounded holistic support system that honors their beliefs and meets where they are. At Soul Inspired Wellness, Brooke supports expectant mothers and their families across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including miscarriage, abortion, birth, and postpartum. Her practice utilizes ritual, touch, breath, and movement to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to support our personal and collective healing journeys.



Ilene Leshinsky



Body Image Coach

I'm Ilene Leshinsky, the founder of Find Body Freedom. I created FBF for women (like me) who want to change their relationship with their bodies. I give them the training and the support they need to stop their battles with body image, weight and with food so they can love the bodies they're in and eat with joy. FBF is based on the beliefs that: the body is our master teacher; we were born knowing how to eat; each of us a natural weight at which we are healthy and comfortable; and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. For 25 years I've been helping women feel at home in their bodies.



Lynn Everard


Literary Producer, Author Coach, Speak Your Truth Trainer and Coach



Melissa Boher Jacobson

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner


Confidence/Self Esteem/Confident Presenting

Melissa has coached thousands of people, including Ted Talk presenters, executives, attorneys, entrepreneurs, students and physicians to speak and present with confidence. As a Confident Life Coach, Melissa coaches individuals and groups of all ages, to overcome subconscious issues, reclaim unshakeable self-esteem and confidence, and achieve success in life, business, and relationships.




MA, Etalon (Standard) Speech Educator


After years of practicing conventional speech therapy in two countries and two languages, Anna Deeter had a revelation that administration of any type of therapy, speaking devices or long-term speech training for the elimination of stuttering is not just wrong, but extremely harmful.
Today, she is a pioneer for a brand-new scientific approach: Etalon speech education. She has educated hundreds of people with various forms of stuttering to completely solve their speech problems and become adequate speakers just in three days of the online Etalon Unblocking course. 100% guaranteed!



Patricia A. Forde, MA, RN (Nickname Bunny)



Meditation Specialist, Professional Reiki Master, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Practioner, Yoga Therapist

Pat brings a unique combination of expertise to her work promoting emotional, physical and spiritual well-being focusing on values-based living to build resilience and a meaningful life. Pat is the founder of the MindHealing Institute® focusing on identifying stressors and stress reduction techniques through Therapeutic Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy/Training (ACT) and Energy Medicine. She has brought her evidence-based practice to corporate, healthcare and wellness settings ranging from homeless shelters, rehabilitation agencies, private clubs and businesses.


305.606.2050 or 561.513.9511

MindHealing Institute, LLC

Patricia A. Forde, MA, RN

Facebook, Google, Yelp

Adriana Ogliastry

Energy Healing

Expert in Bio energy applied to Health



Taylor Pardue




Accurate Wellness continually strives to provide quality care and is committed to the detection of disorders commonly caused by infractions against nature. Our passion is to help educate you about the misconceptions of current health trends. It is our goal to help each one of our clients understand their unique chemistry and energy to implement individualized protocols that assist the achievement of optimal health. Our services range from Thermography, Iridology, Applied Kinesiology, herbalism, tailored cooking plans and more. We look forward to connecting with you!




Connie S Moyer

L Ac

Alternative Therapies

Qigong Instructor, Educator Advocate Consultant

Using a background in Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Organic Chemistry and Engineering to educate, advocate and empower others to a greater awareness of health (physical, emotional, spiritual), sustainability and conscious consumerism/investing



Be Conscious Community

Connie S Moyer


Ellaine Peck, LMHC, MAET, ATR

LMHC, MAET, ATR, Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Certified MindPT Master Coach

Psychological Therapy

Grief/Loss, Life transitions, Addictions

As a licensed mental health counselor, certified transformational life coach, grief specialist, and registered art therapist, Ellaine has 28 years of experience in the fields of psychotherapy and personal development. Her interactive and client centered style uses complementary processes to assist healing and transformation so that individuals attain deep levels of change. As the owner of The Whole Self Center, Ellaine is dedicated to utilizing psychotherapy, art therapy, and transformational life coaching to provide comprehensive services to individuals, families, groups, and companies.



Sue Neering

LMT, Reiki Master / Teacher, Hypnotist,Heart Centered Transformational Life Coach

Alternative Therapies

Integrative Therapy

It is my passion to encourage, uplift & empower people including myself! I am committed to holding a neutral space & meeting people where they are.
Utilizing- Massage, Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation, Heart Centered Coaching, Intuitive Guidance Individually or in Group Facilitation- with a focus on Addiction, Inner Child Work & The Law of Attraction.
I am also a Certified FirstPlay® Educator. With this, I have the privilege of teaching parents an infant story telling & massage process which fosters Attachment & Bonding.
I always enjoy discovering new ways to provide ease & comfort!



Marketing Content & Copy, Inc.

Web design, advertising, video

Content Writer

Laurel Drazen, President of Marketing Content & Copy, Inc., brings 25 years of experience as a strategic marketing professional in corporate, nonprofit and healthcare environments. A creative content writer and editor with a deep understanding of branding, messaging and positioning, Laurel has a proven track record in developing targeted content for the web, social media, marketing campaigns, donor development, sales collateral and publications.



Rebecca Santos


Psychological Therapy

Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum Period, Pregnancy/Infant/Child Loss and Trauma

Rebecca is a licensed therapist who has spent the past 20 years working with and empowering women throughout challenging moments in their lives. She works diligently to provide her clients with a safe environment to explore the many challenges that women experience throughout their lives. Rebecca has been trained in and utilizes various therapeutic modalities along with a mind body approach to assist her clients in finding hope and healing in their lives. Rebecca's main focus is working with women who are transitioning into motherhood, pregnancy/infant/child loss and trauma.



Heather Lockett

Alternative Therapies

Self Exploration, Source Guidance, Community Gathering

Relax into imagination and inspiration with judgement free individuals gathered for meaningful conversation, self exploration, discovery, and fun. We are about Community, Connection, and Collaboration via a mosaic of social and private offerings dedicated to your personal growth that engage your heart, mind, and soul.

For personal sessions, be supported, inspired, and guided in the remembrance of You and the light of your true nature.


(561) 818-2279

Arthur Tassinello

Alternative Therapies

I'm a dedicated professional with the knowledge and experience to help you on your road to wellness. Being holistic means treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and physical factors, and addressing the whole you to live a long and healthy life. I do this through consultation and the use of natural and organic products as well as changing your mindset. My passion is to help heal you and transform your life, mentally and physically so you are happier, healthier and a force for helping shape a better world. Let's have a conversation and find the right solutions.



Sari S Terrusa, Psychotherapist, Director of TSI


Psychological Healing

Child and Family Counseling

Recognized as a leading counselor & educator in the South Florida area, Sari has had a private practice in Jupiter, FL for 25 years. Specializing in individuals, groups, couples, children, seminars and retreats. Sari has utilized “cutting edge” innovative experiential tools in her work. She is a trauma and anxiety specialist and author of the “Anxiety Breakthrough Program”. She uses EFT, EMDR, hypnosis, psycho-kinesiology, imagery and other energy balancing tools. You will be able to experience immediate results, become empowered and recommitted to the peace and joy you want in your life.



Transformational Studies Institute

Sari Terrusa


Gabriele Knaus



Family Practice


561 762 7028

Bernice Collura

Energy Healing

Energy Healer & Guide - Science Based

With Bernice's guidance, YOU will harness the power of your brilliant subconscious mind. You will be able to de-clutter negative emotional energy patterns, programmed long ago by others, that may still be keeping you from manifesting and enjoying your personal, desired, authentic life's true blue print.
When you are guided to employ the powerful emerging sciences of Quantum Physics and Epigenetics to raise the quality of your life, you will be amazed how fast, easy and liberating this gift is, that you will be giving yourself. Its Electric!



Sharon Quercioli

Web design, advertising, video

Sharon Quercioli is a successful entrepreneur who founded Our Wonderful World Media & Entertainment in 2010, a cutting-edge digital publishing company. Trained in Reiki I and II and Healing Touch I and II, Sharon realized early on that to control stress levels and stay fit that she needed to embrace a self-care program. As part of that mission, she has authored numerous articles on healthy living and how to enhance our lives spiritually. Recently, she published a healthy cookbook, “Eating to Live Well,” a beautifully image-driven, spiral-bound book that features 48 of her favorite easy-to-make, delicious recipes with the health benefits included for your convenience.



Shelly Kalef


Physical Healing

Massage Therapy and Provider of Continuing Education

I provide a Mayo-Lymphatic Decongestive, Detoxifying and Deep therapy. It focuses on the removal of chronic inflammation, redirecting blockages via the Lymphatic System and its ports of exit. I use the breath, compression and stretching as the main tools. It is effective in the release of tight muscles, trigger points, Lymphedema, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, and more. Clients often experience immediate results including the release of pain and loss of inches as a side effect. I also teach this technique to professional LMT’s for 13 CEu as Certified Continuing Education Provider.



Shelly Kalef LMT

Shelly Kalef LMT

Darlis Mayes


Energy Healing

Akashic Record Teacher, Dowser, Retreats

As an International speaker, Retreat facilitator, Akashic Record Teacher. Darlis shares her unique perspective on ways to collectively uplift humanity, while actively assisting others on their individual Spiritual path. This assistance is conducted via many varied modalities including Sacred Evolutionary Dowsing of their personal or business spaces for clear energies to flow. Darlis is also utilizing Quantum Bio-feedback, and other sound, light, and frequency modalities for patient's own self-healing. Darlis is also using the Music of the plants from Damanhur, Italy.



Darlis Mayes

Darlis Mayes


Joyce Shing


Energy Healing

Energy Kinesiology, Lymphatic Massage

Joyce Shing, owner of "The Healing Path" provides various massage modalities including Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD) and specializes in "Energy Kinesiology". She is a "Touch for Health" practitioner/instructor, a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP) and a "Integrated Healing (IH) Diplomate. She has been studying kinesiology since 2002. Joyce recived her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and has been in the health care field for over 30 years using kinesiology to balance muscles and stress reduction.


(561) 686-4454

Janet Rotella

Gian Ananda Kaur (Spiritual Name)

Energy Healing

Massage; Reiki Master; Medium; Medical Intuitive; Chakra Balancer; Kundalini Yogo

I am a Massage Therapist, who owns SPArties Mobile Day Spa, which transforms YOUR location into a day spa. I travel from Miami to Melbourne and the NJ/NY metro area.
I also am a Reiki Level III Master, practice and teach; a Medium, Medical Intuitive, Chakra Balancer and Kundalini Yogi, who offers workshops and individual services and group events.
I work with all types of "energy" and I speak "Spirit"....working with mentally challenged/special needs (Autistic and non-verbal) Adults and Children, Alzheimer/Dementia and stroke patients, troubled children, teens and partners, etc. Come see me!



White Light Workers or SPArties Mobile Day Spa

Janet Rotella

IG: @SPArties Mobile Day Spa

Holly Niles


Alternative Therapies

Wellness, Digestion, Autoimmunity, Inflammation, Type 2 Diabetes

Holly Niles is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist, Integrative Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator. She specializes in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. Prior to working in private practice, Holly worked for several years as part of the nutrition team at Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center in Lenox. Holly's approach is to help patients find practical ways to enjoy making healthy changes to create wellness . She believes that not only is our food a key to creating well-being but that our food is our medicine.



Kathy Andio

M. Ed.


Organizing & Decluttering

A seasoned professional organizer at helping others overcome obstacles and live a more uncluttered life, Kathy has mentored hundreds of people using her custom techniques to get organized and allow the destructive weight of perpetual procrastination to melt away.

With a Master’s degree in Education, she began teaching her highly popular “Let Clutter Go” class at PBSC more than a decade ago. Using her coaching skills, she developed “Get Organized Accountability” groups, and together, they provide invaluable motivation and accountability support throughout the decluttering process.



Sharon Wacks

RN, BSN, CHTP, Master ThetaHealing Instructor, Certificate of Science

Energy Healing

Master Teacher, Inspirational Mentor

Sharon believes as managing director of your own life, you can have peace and harmony in your head, heart and home without sacrificing your health and happiness. She often works with frustrated health conscious women who realize after years of commitment to personal growth the same problems and struggles keep showing up in the relationships that are the most meaningful to them and they shy away from the work they feel called to do. She authentically models and passionately teaches how to courageously embrace, unpack and heal what’s on the inside.



Instagram: @healingactivator

Bruce Starr


Speaker about relationships, broadcast media and video production

The Luvcoach Bruce Starr has been on a 44 year self-study on several different philosophies on life, at first to learn how to overcome difficulties that had prevented him from having love in his life. After learning as much as he could about people and relationships, he turned to the mass media such as radio, television and the Internet to share what he learned to help others. He has been a guest on or hosted hundreds of shows on love, dating and relationships since 1993 and has spoken at numerous venues across North America. He has been married for 15 years with a beautiful teenage daughter.


305 316-9639

Frederick Stahlman


Physical Healing

CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Physical Therapy

I have dedicated my life , both personal and professional to raising my consciousness and frequency to be able to effectively guide the patients I am honored to work with through the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges with as much grace and ease as possible. I am a Certified CranioSacral Therapist (CST-D), a practitioner of Visceral Manipulation, a manual Physical Therapist, and a graduate of the School Of Energy Mastery,( an esoteric energy school). I also teach CranioSacral Therapy 1 and 2 for the Upledger Institute. My philosophy when treating or teaching, is personal empowerment




Debbie Hudzik

Affiliate of Travel Planners International

Alternative Therapies


Debbie Hudzik is a travel agent, retreat planner and the founder of Lotus Trips. She helps plan travel packages for people who understand the importance of having experiences over acquiring things. Her motto is, “Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. The company’s mission is to redefine how you’ll plan your next getaway or retreat. With a focus on wellness, healing holidays and local immersions, Debbie’s philosophy towards living and evolving with purpose shines in every trip she plans. Where do you want to go?



Dr. Ken Horowitz


Physical Healing

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Horowitz (Dr. Ken) is a Florida native who grew up active in the South Florida lifestyle. Dr. Ken served in the U.S. Air Force as an E.M.T. and Fireman. This is where he gained a special interest in healthcare and was drawn to the natural approach of chiropractic, especially when it impacted his own life. He received his B.S. degree and Doctorate from Life Chiropractic University. Dr. Ken is board certified in Florida. He has also practiced in Michigan as well as internationally. Simply Chiropractic Palm Beach was established as an affordable, walk-in clinic for the entire community.



Kathy Bennett

Energy Healing

Shamanic Reiki Master, SFQ Qi Gong Instructor/Practitioner, Healing Touch, Certified Assertive Coach, Theta Brain Wave, Angel Reader, Akashic Records, Intuitive, Channeler, Developer of E.R. – Emotional (trauma-stress) Release, Brain Flush and Qi-Flow.Shamanic Reiki Master, SFQ Qi Gong Instructor/Practitioner, Healing Touch, Certified Assertive Coach, Theta Brain Wave, Angel Reader, Akashic Records, Intuitive, Channeler, Developer of E.R. – Emotional (trauma-stress) Release, Brain Flush and Qi-Flow.

My 25 year mission is to help restore, balance, and open ones Heart so that you may receive and give more love, light and have the FUN you were meant to experience. Energy Therapist is a term the Minnesota hospital call us. We are anyone that are trained in Eastern or Western technologies that help restore, repair and rebuild balance, health and well-being with OUT medication. My Guides-Spirit told me a long time ago, they will only bring me those people I can help. Know, if you are drawn to me, they will help! I look forward working with you!



Nicole Nieburg Dyk


Physical Healing

Massage Therapist specializing in Lymph Drainage and Craniosacral Thereapy

Back in 1985, I was diagnosed with cancer and set out to reclaim my health. I found helpful allies and guidance all along the way, which is why I like to say that life is a team sport. I learned that slow and steady often wins the race. I learned that listening, to the signals of the body, takes practice but is an invaluable skill to learn. I now utilize a variety of techniques for both my own well care and in assisting others. My focus is on methods which rally the body's natural healing response to achieve gain without pain.



Nicole Dyk LMT

Nicole Dyk

Paula Holland De Long



Heart, Art and Soul Coach

An expert in bringing heart-based joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life, speaker, credentialed life coach, award-winning author and artist, and 20+year cancer survivor shares how crayons, collage, wisdom cards, and energy balancing techniques reduce busy brain, clear limiting patterns and beliefs, and create commitment to self-care and growth. Participants leave new ideas and tools they can use to raise energy, reduces stress, and build the confidence needed to thrive in today’s chaotic world.



Mary Ligon



Coaching and NLP Training

Mary Ligon, DCH, NLPT, has been a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, and Trainer for over 20 years. She has traveled the globe teaching Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Lifeline Release Techniques™.
Mary is the developer of Lifeline Release Techniques™. These techniques quickly remove the negative emotions from the past and limiting beliefs that negatively impact health, relationships, and performance. She dedicates her life to helping her clients and students lead extraordinary lives.



Shawn Taker


Physical Healing

Pain Relief Strategist

The Egoscue Method Clinic provides clients with the tools necessary to live an active pain free lifestyle. Through focusing on restoring balance and postural alignment we are able to connect people with the body and its innate ability to heal. Through that connection they find relief along with a sense of self reliance.



Dan Zhou


Energy Healing


Dan Zhou, Ph.D., the owner of Radiant Health and Wellbeing, helps people who struggle with pain, fatigue, and sleeping challenges. She has developed a step-by-step system to help her clients to reduce pain, relieve stress, regain energy, and to sleep more soundly. As a result of working with Dan, her clients have been able to get their lives together, like go for a walk or get back to working.



Michele Rosenthal



Trauma Recovery Specialist

Best-selling and award-nominated author, inspirational speaker, and Trauma Recovery Specialist, Michele Rosenthal, creatively inspires and intuitively assists emotional and spiritual healing after trauma. Sharing her own trauma/PTSD recovery success, Michele leads clients, families, groups and audiences through the process of creating mind/body safety, resolving trauma-based emotions (including grief, shame, guilt, loss, sadness, anger, and fear) and constructing a stable, successful, productive and meaningful post-trauma identity.