Demand Wellness


Learn to create positive wellness conditions for you, your family, and your workplace.

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Part of the ELEVATE Event Series,

  a program of events designed to raise the vibration of community

through education, exploration, and conversation.

Presented by Holistic Health Connections

Hosted by Kula Yoga Shala

Thursdays, October 24 - December 5, 2019

(excluding November 28th)

7:15 - 9:15pm

Kula Yoga Shala

400 Toney Penna Dr., Suite F, Jupiter, FL 33458

Join wellness life coach, energy healer, social entrepreneur, holistic therapist, writer and owner of TheSoundWell, Avigail Berg-Panitz, for a workshop series designed to provide practical, experiential guidelines for employees and employers, leaders, coaches, partners, and parents for how to create a wellness environment and atmosphere on both personal and group levels.

 If you are a leader, manager, business/wellness coach, holistic therapist, teacher, parent, or individual passionate about elevating wellness conditions at work and at home, this workshop is for you.

As an employee you need to demand wellness conditions at work where you spend most of your time (Demand Wellness).


As an individual committed to living a holistic lifestyle you can learn to incorporate self-help tools to embed wellness conditions so that you proactively take care of your wellbeing all the time (Wellness on Demand).

The problem is... Most of us are not wellness minded at work. Even though we spend many hours in the workplace, we forget that our bodymind has needs and instead we very often become more focused on being an asset to the business.


The same often happens in our personal space: We forget to honor and support the bodymind and instead accept the default qualities of air, water, food, ergonomic conditions, and lack of movement.

As result, we are more stressed, have more fatigue, find ourselves more vulnerable and overwhelmed and less resilient.   We may have more absent days and we may be less motivated at work.

It's time to remember that your well-being (plus the care, respect and appreciation for it) need to be at the top of the list of your priorities.



If you are ready to learn and implement new positive habits to boost the bond between wellness-health-wellbeing in a proactive way on a personal level and as a leader, then you are ready to...


Learn about the bond between between wellness-health-wellbeing at home and at work


Discover simple, effective methods to relieve mental, physical and emotional distress daily

Understand how to feed your 37.2 trillion cells to optimize their performance



Expand how you consistently get your body in motion with a list of personal choices


Explore the intersection of creativity and wellness at home and in the workplace

Plan how to create eco-friendly physical and social environments for wellness






Each meeting of the Wellness on Demand,Demand Wellness  workshop will include a presentation, group practical experience and a dialogue.

What is Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness? And how does the new approach proactively boost the bond between wellness-health and wellbeing at home and at work?


Calm the Body Clear the Mind Explore ways to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily, plus natural and effective methods to reduce insomnia and fatigue.


Boost the Body Alternative ways to move your body plus  basic nutrition you must eat, no matter what else you consume.


Explore your Creativity Yes, you do have a creative side! Discover ways to manifest it at home and at work.


Create an Atmoshpere of Wellness How do we build a positive physical eco-system environment, and posit
ive social eco-system atmosphere?



Continuing Personal Growth What are the components of personal  evolution at home and at work?

Wellness at home and at work is not simply diet and fitness. Based on her book, Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness, Avigail has designed this workshop series to educate, inspire, and uplift how you perceive wellness in the most crucial environments on your life -- and easily improve it so that you become more joyful and less sick, fatigued, stressed and ill.

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As a holistic therapist with a background of many years in high-tech corporations and startups, my perception bridges between the business world and the wellness holistic and integrative therapeutic world. My passion has always been in providing self-help tools and facilitating an atmosphere and environment, for people to be healthy and dynamically balanced to manifest their creative and joyful side.

-- Avigail Berg-Panitz



Avigail Berg-Panitz is a wellness life coach, energy healer, social entrepreneur, holistic therapist, writer and owner of TheSoundWell. Avigail has an MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University.

Before relocating to the US from Israel 9 years ago, Avigail was called by friends – HH: Healer and Hitech. Being a marketing manager for CA Israel (and later an executive in other hi-tech businesses) Avigail bridged between the holistic perception and corporation business world. For example, she arrived at executive meetings with crystals in her bag, and she used to do healing and meditation for sales people.

Avigail’s passion is and has always been creating conditions of infrastructure and atmosphere in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social dimensions to facilitate good bonds between wellness-health-wellbeing.

Avigail was trained by Olav Skille (Norway/Finland) about the added value of adopting  harmonic low sound frequencies (Vibroacoustic Therapy) as a wellness platform to balance bodymind and reduce stress, pain, insomnia and anxiety and boost vitality with no chemicals involved. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a therapeutic modality and self-help tool that is a powerful platform to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily, with no effort.


TheSoundWell produces vibroacoustic therapy equipment and consults how to adopt it as a SilentSoundSpace to Recharge Vitality and Reduce Stress at home and in the workplace.

The Wellness On Demand, Demand Wellness  series is based on Avigail's e-book of the same title. Developed  for individuals and business owners, the Wellness On Demand, Demand Wellness program focuses on creating inner conditions of wellness through improving sleep, reducing mental, emotional and physical stress daily, eating healthy food to nourish the cells, moving the body, and manifesting creativity.


This program also teaches employees, individuals and space managers to create healthy conditions in their spaces by considering the physical, social, interpersonal, and cultural elements of wellness. 

Isn't it time you created a lifestyle of wellness that bridges both your professional and personal worlds to support you in maintaining the vision of wellness you hold for yourself and your family?


... and receive a complimentary copy of Wellness On Demand, Demand Wellness , plus 10% discount for a vibroacoustic therapy treatment or purchase  until 1.1.2020.

$300 pay in full

$55 - drop in rate

[Note: All sales are final. Registration transfers may be made on a case-by-case basis.]

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Michele Rosenthal

Holistic Health Connections, Founder