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Expand how you serve -- to a whole new level.

HHC Business Builder Network (BBN) mission:

Create a think-tank and mastermind environment that fosters community for committed entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn, apply and teach principles, practices, tactics, and tips to grow businesses that make a difference and reach a larger global audience in the 21st Century.

BBN offers an active space in which to develop your business growth and expansion in connected collaboration with dedicated colleagues.

  • Want to learn how to expand your business in new ways?

  • Need to solve old problems that have you stuck?

  • Wish you could brainstorm with like-minded business owners?

  • Excited to hear the knowledge other entrepreneurs have gained?


If you answered, 'Heck, YEAH!' to these questions then you might be a good fit for this kind of meeting.

BBN meetings happen via Zoom on the 4th Wednesday of every month for one (1) hour, 6-7pm. 

Each meeting focuses on a solution-oriented topic related to a specific problem of business growth and development.

While the meeting contains group conversation, participants will also be assigned to a small core network with whom they consistently connect in two (2) breakout sessions each meeting -- and also via a Slack room for between-meeting communication, collaboration and support.

To accelerate business growth success, core network assignment will be done with the intention to connect entrepreneurs with similar agendas in a consistent program. (More on this the 'Next Steps' portion of this email)

The new meeting format looks like this:

  1. Breakout 1- to connect with your core group and discuss the topic for the evening and how it relates to your specific business. 

  2. Group Conversation - general conversation re: thoughts from breakouts and personal experience

  3. Group Training - educational presentation by a group member around the topic of the meeting (including possible outside experts brought in for specific topics)

  4. Breakout 2 - to connect with your core group and discuss how you are going to create and implement an action plan to grow your business over the next month

  5. Group - debrief and meeting wrap up


In addition to the meeting you will have access to a dedicated Slack channel in which you can communicate with your core group throughout the month to maintain action-oriented momentum.

But, there's a catch:

While the HHC Business Builder Network is available to every HHC member, it is not for everyone.

This is not a social arena.

This is a playground for serious entrepreneurs who know that to make your difference in the world you have to accept responsibility, commit to implementation and receive input from peers.

And, oh, yeah: You have to be ready to engage in inspiring, solution-oriented conversation in support of your colleagues' quests to expand their own businesses (and assist in their growth when fitting!). 

The vision for launching this new HHC element is:

To create an active space of encouragement, creativity, support and action that assists and inspires dedicated holistic practitioners and other holistic-centric ancillary businesses ready to expand their businesses in ways that make a difference in the world.

BBN is right for you if:

  • you want to add momentum to your business growth and expansion

  • you're ready to take visionary action in your evolution as an entrepreneur

  • you have ideas to share that might help others

  • you're excited by the idea of brainstorming with like-minded business owners

  • you want a place where you can add value by sharing your experiences, challenges, problems and solutions

  • you're prepared to consistently attend every monthly meeting

  • you're ready to commit yourself to take action every month

  • you believe that great financial reward spiritually aligns with being of great service

  • you're excited by the idea that you're not alone 


BBN is not for you if:

  • you want others to grow your business for you

  • you don't want to have to take action

  • when it comes to problems, solutions, and actions you prefer being on your own

  • you're more happy talking about what's going wrong than about what you can do to make it go right

  • you believe that being financially rewarded for your gifts is spiritually out of alignment

  • you're comfortable with the current state of your business

  • you're only interested in your success

  • you're not interested in helping others succeed

  • you're more interested in socializing that business growing 


Next steps...

Access: BBN is available to any current HHC member in good status.

Criteria: BBN requires the following commitments from each member...

  • consistent meeting attendance (of the full sixty (60) minutes)

  • monthly evidence of action-taking (to be shared with group and/or core network)

  • interest in actively participating in a mastermind-like environment designed to expand business growth based on individual skills


Said with love... We are creating a ‘No excuses!’ environment so that serious growth can be accomplished. If you join BBN we expect you to help build a creative, proactive space dedicated to connection, communication, and collaboration.

Each participant is gifted one pass in categories 1 and 2 of the criteria before he/she is invited to take a break from the group -- and return when in a better position to consistently and proactively participate. 

[Exception: With prior communication and solely for an unanticipated emergency.]

Application: So that we create the most effective environment (and connect you to a core group that is the best fit for your goals) members who wish to engage in BBN are required to submit an application. Your answers will be used to assess intention and desire for business or new venture growth. 

Does BBN sound like a 'now' thing for you? 

Meeting: The first HHC BBN meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 24th, 6-7pm. Those who are admitted to the network will receive Zoom credentials, plus an invitation to the Slack room.

Questions: Email Michele@HolisticHealthConnections.net.