​The members of Holistic Health Connections collaborate to create a professional and consumer, membership-driven organization dedicated to growing and expanding the presence of natural alternatives to health, wellness and well-being in Palm Beach County. 

Michele Rosenthal, HHC Founder, shares about the past and future of Holistic Health Connections.

Holistic Health Connections (HHC) is a membership organization of holistic health providers and other professionals and consumers serving the holistic lifestyle in Palm Beach County. Founded in January 2019 with a mission to unite the holistic health community, HHC proudly already connects more than 130 members representing over thirty healing modalities.


Three core elements guide all HHC initiatives:

Collaborate. Educate. Elevate.

Through the focus of these three components we seek to raise awareness of, knowledge about, and be in service to natural remedies for health and well-being.


While providing an environment to foster and build holistic health professionals and their businesses, HHC also provides the bridge between holistic professionals and the consumers who need them by sponsoring and producing community outreach, healing events, and informational workshops.


To put it simply: HHC began because Trauma Recovery Specialist, Michele Rosenthal, was lonely. 

For a decade she worked as a solopreneur from a home office building an international business. The problem was, she never got out of the house or had time to spend with colleagues.

In 2018 she decided to change all of that. Michele started attending local networking events and very quickly realized that they lacked the real connection and relationship-building experiences that she craved.

They did, however, provide on thing: new friend, Jamie Gonzalez, owner of The Salt Suite in Palm Beach Gardens.

When Michele shared with Jamie, "I wish there some place we could go to hang out with other holistic professionals -- people like us!" Jamie offered The Salt Suite as a place to gather.

The Holistic Health Connections meetup group launched in April, 2018, with the mission to create and unite a professional community of holistic health providers who connect, support, and help each other to grow businesses that make a difference. 

At that first meeting Michele saw that an even bigger vision could be born:


The assembled group wanted to do good in the community and build businesses that make a difference.

More than just creating a support network for holistic professionals the vision grew to include using the collective strength, knowledge and creativity to help our local communities discover more natural ways to achieve health-related goals.

As time went on Michele's vision for the meetup group expanded. With the dream of creating a meaningful organization to unify the holistic health community and support the businesses that serve it on a high level, Michele formally launched the professional membership organization, Holistic Health Connections, in January 2019.

Today, HHC is a professional, membership-based organization that now boasts more than 135 members representing 30+ alternative modalities.

Guided by the three pillars of COLLABORATE. EDUCATE. ELEVATE., HHC grows in two meaningful directions:


  1. helping professionals serve with greater expertise

  2. helping consumers find resources for their natural and alternative health needs




As a holistic health entity our mission is twofold:

1. Through focused and consistent, action-oriented and professional conversations we share knowledge, extend industry education, build a strong and collaborative referral network, create a local holistic health practitioner directory, and develop cross-promotion strategies of synergistic businesses.

2. Through co-active creative endeavor we plan to raise awareness around subjects of holistic health for the general population in Palm Beach County and other close geographic areas. With our collective community outreach we will spread the message that holistic wellness and natural therapies are powerful tools for our local community’s well-being.


We are dedicated to elevating the quest for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health via natural alternatives from the realm of potential idea to personal reality.

Further intentions include providing health education and awareness in the form of:

  • professional, personal and collaborative business development experiences for holistic health practitioners

  • educational workshops/events for consumers in the communities

  • practical workshops/events for businesspeople in corporations and workplaces

  • awareness workshops/events in schools​ for children and families

Holistic Health Connections is dedicated to being an organization that maintains a strict level of integrity, respect, and courtesy. Every action we take, every connection we make is guided by a specific and holistic approach to creating meaningful relationships that matter.

Take a look at our Code of Conduct...


Michele Rosenthal 







MICHELE ROSENTHAL creatively inspires and intuitively assists emotional and spiritual healing after trauma. A popular keynote speaker, award-winning PTSD blogger, award-nominated author, workshop/seminar leader, radio talk show host, Certified Professional Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Michele is the founder of Heal My PTSD. She is also a childhood trauma survivor who struggled with PTSD for almost 30 years before making a full recovery more than a decade ago.

In her role as a mental health advocate Michele appears frequently in the media including, CBS, NBC, The Dennis Miller Show, Ladies’ Home Journal, The Washington Post, Newsday, St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post and the Huffington Post. Michele has been a staff writer for RewireMe.com, top health blogger for Wellsphere.com, founder of Trauma! A PTSD blog on HealthyPlace.com, and contributor to Anxiety.org, Addiction.com and Recovery.org. Winner of the Mending Broken Survivor Advocate award, Michele was named a finalist for the WEGO Health Activist Hero award. She is a former faculty member of the Clinical Development Institute for Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center.

Michele’s books include: Before the World Intruded: Conquering the past and Creating the Future; Your Life After Trauma: Powerful Practices for Reclaiming Your Identity; and Heal Your PTSD: Dynamic Strategies that Work. Connect with Michele at MyTraumaCoach.com.

Email: Michele@HolisticHealthConnections.net


HHC began with my simple wish to spend more time with like-minded professionals. Today, it has grown into an organization dedicated to unifying the holistic health industry while upleveling the professionalism of every practitioner so that we can serve even more meaningfully and expansively in a time when holistic health is coming into the forefront of how consumers seek to improve their personal well-being.

--Michele Rosenthal, HHC Founder

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